Fat Dissolving Injections

Aqualyx is a safe, effective fat dissolving injection treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area. It produces long lasting results, which means you can banish those stubborn wobbly bits.

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Best Results

6 Weeks Post Treatment


From £120

Recovery Time

Swelling can last 3-5 Days



Localised Fat Reduction

Aqualyx can be used to treat small, exercise resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, knees and ankles. It is very effective for body contouring, but is not a treatment for weight loss. If you have significant weight to loose or loose skin then Aqualyx might not be suitable for you, but other treatments like our lipofirm pro maybe.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Aqualyx is made up from a number of different plant based compounds that have been refined in a lab environment. Aqualyx dissolves the membranes of fat cells in the treated area. The fat cells become unstable and break open. The fatty acids contained within the cell are then eliminated by macrophages (part of the body’s immune system) and the liver.

If you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and close to your ideal body weight, but have isolated fat then aqualyx might be suitable for you.

Popular areas that we can treat are double chins, moobs, saddle bags, inner thighs, cankles and abdomen – including six packs.

The number of Aqualyx treatments required varies depending on the size of the fatty deposit. Typically, 1-3 treatments for small areas, such as the jowls and under the chin, and 2-8 treatments for larger areas such as the thighs. Treatments are spaced at 6 weekly intervals. Your result will show 6 weeks after your final treatment which is when you will have a complimentary review with your practitioner.

Aqualyx is not suitable if you have

  • Diabetes
  • Have liver or kidney disease
  • Have active skin problems in that area
  • Are taking any blood thinners including warfarin

Whilst the body can regenerate fat cells, the process is very slow. So once fat cells are removed from a localized area your results are as good as permanent. However if you do not continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle then your body will put weight back in other areas of your body where fat cells remain.

Immediately after the treatment you may appear red and swollen with some bruising in the treated area. Aquaylx works by causing an inflammatory reaction in the fat cells which can result in swelling for 3-5 days. Therefore, if you intend to have a facial treatment, eg, double chin where the swelling may be obvious, you may wish to organize time away from work or social events.

You will be able to reduce swelling  by using a cold compress for a maximum of 20 minutes a day. You cannot use anti inflammatory tablets for 48 hours after the treatment as this will work against the treatment. The treatment area may feel tender and firm for up to 8 weeks post treatment.

During recovery you should avoid

  • Swimming pools, saunas and steam rooms for 3 days
  • Physical exercise for 10 days
  • Any other aesthetic treatment in the area for 2 weeks

The treatment can be uncomfortable and feel like a burning sensation for a few minutes. Numbing cream is applied to the area beforehand to maximize comfort. The area can be tender for up to 8 weeks post treatment. 

Patient Testimonials

Victoria Rose, Clinic Director

As member of both the Nursing and Midwifery Council and British Association of Cosmetic Nurses, I understand the importance of being a safe, competent practitioner in this rapidly expanding industry of inadequately trained clinicians.

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